Making customer life easier is our main goal.

Vanguard Software team is ready to solve problems of any level difficulties

Software development

We are ready to develop a solution for customer demand from the site to the systems automation of production processes

Design and construction of IT infrastructures

Realization of tasks for creating integrated solutions from software and hardware systems to automated data centers

Outsourcing IT Solutions

Round-the-clock support of our customers by competent engineers

IT Consulting

Conducting audits, pre-design and expert surveys, conducting projects at all stages of implementation.


Main projects

KIAP - Complex of Information and Analytical Support

The software package combines information flows from various sources, processes them and generates interactive reports, recommendations and forecasts of situations. For predictive models use artificial intelligence algorithms based on machine learning and mathematical modeling.

Proactive health monitoring system for IT infrastructure

A proactive monitoring system allows you to quickly identify the occurrence of narrow places and failures in the work of the Customer’s infrastructure, provides round-the-clock notification through various communication channels (SMS, instant messengers, e-mail, phone) and the formation of reporting on the working capacity of the customer’s infrastructure.


Research and development in the field of optimization of machine learning algorithms. An algorithm for predicting the probability of occurrence is proposed. negative situations on various characteristics based on methods machine learning (clustering, regression analysis, classification).


We are looking for talented professionals

Front-end React developer


  • Experience in developing JavaScript (ES6 +) from 2 years, good knowledge of TypeScript
  • Experience in developing React, Redux, GraphQL / Apollo, Leaflet, GeoJSON, D3
  • HTML / CSS layout skills
  • Experience writing Unit test, using TDD
  • Experience with Webpack, Maven, Selenium
  • A basic understanding of DevOps, CI / CD, Pipeline, Docker, Kubernetes will be a plus
  • Higher or incomplete higher education (physical, mathematical or technical)

Systems Analyst


  • Work experience as a business or system analyst from 2 years
  • Skills for documenting interface design requirements, UI / UX
  • Skills for developing non-functional requirements
  • Skills of requirements management, building and maintaining tracing, versioning, prioritization of requirements
  • Understanding Agile / Scrum practices, ability to shape Use Case, User Stories will be a plus
  • Higher or incomplete higher education (physical, mathematical or technical)


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phone +7 861 212-51-53

e-mail info@vanguardsoft.ru